B.o.B >>> Drake. Don’t Believe The Hype!

This is long overdue and a little outdated now, but I’ve been saying this for a while, and now that I have a blog, I can force my opinion on the world like everyone else. Yes, Drake sold more. But I’m not talking about sales. Bobby Ray’s album is better, and he’s a better rapper and singer than Drake. Drake just had better marketing behind him, primarily the Lil Wayne connection. But hands down, “Airplanes” (part 1 or 2) is one of the best records of the year, and B.o.B is a much more unique artist.
People are loving Drake, but it’s typical people believing the hype. Now, I don’t think Drake is completely wack, and he does have some good punchlines and some decent tracks, but he is not a great MC. He’s a good MC, just not worthy of all the hype and accolades. Mazel Tov to him on his huge first week sales and it’s continued success, but I’d still rather listen to B.o.B when given the choice.
Your thoughts?
Afterthought – I really want to hate Nicki Minaj, but I can’t. I don’t love her first official single, but her guest appearances and performances definitely make you pay attention.

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My first rant

When I started this site, I promised the occasional rant. Well, here’s my inaugural one. And this one addresses my frustration with Hip-Hop (and music in general). But a very specific aspect. And one that I think is partly responsible for the decline in record sales.
Supastition, one of my favorite MCs, said the following in the track “The Signature” “Last night I just rocked a show for 60 people/10 of them were in to it, 30 of ’em rap too/the other 20 heads were in the bar or the bathroom.”
It’s a clever line, and one that makes an important point. You can’t go to shows anymore, especially Hip-Hop shows, and especially in the smaller venues and clubs that used to be the best place to see a show, without it becoming an attempt at networking from everyone around you. There aren’t any fans left. No one is doing it for the love. Everyone is trying to get put on, and no one just enjoys the music and the art anymore.
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Ill Poetic – The World Is Ours (free download)

My boy Ill Poetic back in Cincy has really been making moves lately, and has come along way since we first met 9 or so years ago. He’s toured the world, worked with some of the underground’s best artists, and has been covered by several major sites and blogs – both for his original work and his unique remix projects. He was the runner up in the first Battle 4 Midwest Supremacy in 2001, and then came back to win it all the next year. He’s a super talented MC, producer, writer, and battle rapper. And now, he’s made his production skill available to you all for free.

You can download the instrumentals for his entire The World Is Ours album right here.

And you can find a lot more on Ill Poetic’s official site. Take the time to check him out – it’s well worth your time.

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His Airness in NBA 2K11

So I don’t think this is much of a secret anymore, but 2K Sports is blessing us by including the G.O.A.T. in their new NBA 2K11 game, out October 5th. That’s right, MJ/Air Jordan/His Airness will be in this year’s NBA video game. And if you’ve seen the screenshots or teaser videos, you know it’ll be crazy. Especially for those of us that remember games like NBA Jam that came out when Jordan was in the league, but they couldn’t license his likeness so he wasn’t in there.

You’ll even be able to go head to head and annihilate LeBron.

I haven’t been much of a video game guy the last few years, mainly cuz I’m growing older, and don’t get much time with my girlfriend as it is, so I doubt she’d appreciate me spending our free time playing Playstation in the guest room. But just like I bought the original Playstation just to play Wu-Tang’s Shaolin Style, this might be the tipping point in me getting a Playstation 3 (doesn’t hurt that the guest room could use a Blu-ray player, too).

Check out the official site (and the numerous video game-dedicated blogs for more screenshots and videos).

NBA 2K11 Official Site

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Eminem and Rihanna “Love The Way You Lie” live

This is what music is all about right here. Many, like me, that have been involved with music for a long time have become cynical, and forgot what it’s like to be a true fan, and experience the music from the pure perspective of a fan. We all look at the marketing or press angle and what went on behind the scenes to make something like this happen. These fans lose their minds in the moment, and will remember it forever. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that point.

Props to 2dopeboyz for posting this.

Eminem and Busta Rhymes (and the whole damn world) at the BET Awards in 2006 – Herve’s last BET Awards. I knew this was happening – one of only a handful of people. I remember being at the office til 4am with Herve the nights leading up to this to make this happen, and even knowing it was coming, I got chills when it actually took place. This Busta album was the 1st major release I was ever thanked on, and it was a pleasure to be a part of this. Shout out to Herve, Sas, and Jesse Collins for actually pulling this off and keeping it a secret.

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Pony Bwoy “Beggin’ For Change”

Can’t think of a more suitable first official post than to share this track. Pony Bwoy is an MC that I became familiar with while living in Cincy. He was part of a talented duo called Herbin’ Life (guess what their favorite hobby was besides rhyming) and then they both went on to solo work.

This particular track was from the still-in-progress solo album Blue Collar Popper. And besides being a dope track, the message is a good summary on my general feelings about much of the music out today.

Lyrically, Pony Bwoy kills it on this track, as well as most others he jumps on.


Pony Bwoy – “Beggin’ For Change”

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Enter Tha Sanctum

Welcome to Tha Sanctum. Years after the radio show ended in Cincinnati, Tha Sanctum relaunches as a blog. I’m unemployed, and everyone else has a blog, so why not? I have opinions to share, music to discuss, and sports to rant about.

Spread the word if you’d like, and feel free to comment, unless you disagree with me.

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