Things you need to know about the man behind Tha Sanctum: Cubs fan, Bulls fan, Bears fan, Air Jordan and Air Force 1 fanatic, Hip-Hop fan, music industry professional, Chicago born and raised, University of Cincinnati Bearcats fan. Anything I forgot here, I’m sure you’ll learn as I add more posts.

Wrigley Field is one of the greatest places on earth.

Lebron James should never be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan.

If I had constant easy access to Chicago pizza, Chicago Hot Dogs, Skyline cheese coneys and 3-ways, and Walker Bros. Pancake House, I’d weigh about 3 times what I do now. If you haven’t had the pleasure of any of these, I suggest you get on it now.

Tha Sanctum was the name of my college radio show, as well as the name of given to the room that housed my turntables and vinyl, where my 2 of Cincinnati’s best of MC’s used to come freestyle and rehearse for shows.

Any music I share is either with the consent of the artist, or in the genuine interest of trying to spread the knowledge of an artist I think is worthwhile. If I post your material and you don’t want it shared, let me know and I’ll take it down. If you want your music shared or reviewed, send it my way.


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