Quit sleepin’

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. My apologies. Recently got engaged and wedding planning seems to have taken over my life. But I have a minute now, and I feel like if I don’t post something soon I’ll lose all 3 readers I have. So real quick, I’m gonna post something for all of you. No stories or anything this time. Just a quick rundown of some artists and producers I don’t think get enough attention. All I highly recommend, and I suggest you support and BUY some of their music. iTunes, CD, vinyl, whatever. I’ve included links to a few favorite tracks. But let me be clear. It is some of my favorites, but there isn’t enough time or space to list them all.

Marco Polo: Dope producer. I stumbled on his album Port Authority on the trade-in site Spun.com. (Amazing site, check it out) I picked the album up purely based on the features, but the beats are amazing; hard-hitting, pure no holds barred Hip-Hop. He’s part of the Duck Down family now, and has done full albums with both Ruste Juxx and Torae now. Those are 2 MC’s worth checking out, too, and I learned about them thru the Marco Polo albums. His newest album dropped this summer, and is a must for any true Hip-Hop head.
Some favorite tracks: “Best To Do It,” “War,“Nostalgia”
Marco Polo on iTunes

Snowgoons: Crazy producer duo from Germany. My dude Jesse at Babygrande hooked me up with the album, and I gave it a listen purely based on the features. What stands out to me is how cinematic their productions are. They sound like they should be in movies. Can’t really think of any other producers making soundscapes like these.
Favorite tracks: “Black Snow,” “Hold Up,” “Who What Where When
Snowgoons on iTunes

Supastition aka Kam Moye: Back when I was still living in Cincy, I got a promo CD of a producer named Jon Doe, not to be confused with Cincy DJ John Doe of the 1200 Hobos. A great CD, but the standout track was clearly “The Signature (Rock On)” by Supastition. I loved his flow and his lyrics, which I’ve quoted here in Tha Sanctum before. I went digging and scooped up everything I could with his name on it, and I haven’t been let down. His most recent offering is under the alias Kam Moye.
Favorite tracks: “Hate My Face,” “Homecoming,” “The Signature (Rock On)
Supastition on iTunes

Skyzoo: I originally picked up Skyzoo’s collaborative album with 9th Wonder just on the strength of a full album of 9th Wonder beats. It was a pleasant surprise that the MC was worthy of the beats. I proceeded to seek out all the Skyzoo I could, including a collaboration with the legendary CL Smooth. Stay tuned for his album with Illmind coming in October.
Favorite tracks: “The Beautiful Decay,” “When I Rhyme,” “Raw Rap ’06
Skyzoo on iTunes

Apathy: Apathy had been building his rep over the last few years, including work with some of the artists I’ve mentioned in this post. A failed deal with Atlantic (which spawned a great verse on “Speak Ya Clout“) is probably a blessing for his real fans. The King of Connecticut says what he wants how he wants, and his beat selection is always on point. Thru his music I also got turned on to Celph Titled, and he’s also a member of Get Busy Committee.
Favorite tracks: “I Remember,” “Me And My Friends,” “Can’t Leave Rap Alone
Apathy on iTunes

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, and there’s more I could have included but not sure they’re considered “slept on.” Among those are Kidz In The Hall and Naledge, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Tanya Morgan.

Hit the comments and let me know who I missed.

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