Thank you

There is no better title for a post about Herve Romain than “Thank you.” And it’s almost a shame that I’ve had a blog for a week or 2 now and am just dedicating a post to him now.

I mentioned him earlier in the Busta Rhymes/Eminem BET post. And in my previous post I mentioned being lucky enough to have a career in music. And that is thanks to Herve.

I was in a position when I thought my dream of getting paid to talk and think about music was over, and then I met Herve. And when he found a job for me, he believed in me and fought for me to get the job. We met several months before he actually interviewed me, but we regularly exchanged e-mails as I was looking for work. Then one night, Valentine’s Day, he calls me around 5pm and asks me to meet him for drinks. That was Herve – working when most everyone else was out celebrating a Hallmark holiday. But we met for drinks, and he helped me the rest of the way thru the interview process, including fighting for me when there were doubts I was the right guy.

But this post isn’t about me. It’s about Herve. Herve knew everybody, and everybody knew Herve. My first time back in Cincy after getting the job, I was at a bachelor party and it turns out another friend of the groom knew Herve from college. It was more than 10 years since college for them, and they were friends, but not best friends. But that was Herve – if you met him once, you remembered him forever. I still run in to people that ask if I knew him when I tell them where I worked.

He could walk up to any club with 20 people, and somehow he’d get everybody in ahead of the line. And it wasn’t because he slipped the bouncer cash. He was just that good of a talker and charmer.

He was also the most passionate worker and music fan I knew. He was what the music industry was and should be – someone who cared so much about helping his artists that it was not uncommon to hear laptops and cell phones thrown against walls, doors slammed, desks cleared, and people getting yelled at. He stayed at work til all the work was done or til he got every answer he needed, not matter what time that was. But it was for the right reasons – he loved music and he genuinely cared about his artists.

Ask the All-American Rejects who the first person was they called every time they came to NY. This band loved him so much that they wrote a song about him on their last album, called “Believe.”

He was thanked in VMA speeches by AFI. He took calls directly from 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes. Robin Thicke dedicated his “Lost Without You” video to him. Game dedicated the Doctor’s Advocate album to him in the liner notes. TRL, 106 & Park, VH1, Fuse, and more had on-air dedications for him. Check out just some of the ways he’s been remembered.

Almost fittingly, the last pics of Herve are from the VMA’s w/ 50 and Nicole Scherzinger, and then a few days later with lots of the Interscope fam at Paul Rosenberg’s (Eminem’s manager) wedding.

And he loved music. He loved Hip-Hop and metal equally, and everything in between. Classic rock. Pop. Everything. And he was the biggest Ohio State fan in the world. He loved all sports and he loved his NY teams, but his passion for Ohio State was unparalleled.

I could go on and on about Herve Romain, but it would never do him justice. Google him. Youtube his name. Check the Facebook groups about him.

R.I.P. Herve. You were one of a kind, and you are missed greatly. There will be another one like you.

Let me add this. Herve was very proud of his Haitian heritage. And his good friend Unik runs a great Haitian charity named Edeyo. Edeyo opened a school in Haiti for underprivileged children. The school was named in honor of Herve. Unfortunately the school was destroyed in the earthquake, and is being rebuilt. Coincidentally, our friends at 2DopeBoyz our throwing a party/BBQ for their fans, and the proceeds benefit Edeyo, and they are asking that people bring school supplies to donate. So now one of my favorite sites, whether they know it or not, are helping to keep Herve’s name and memory alive.

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