B.o.B >>> Drake. Don’t Believe The Hype!

This is long overdue and a little outdated now, but I’ve been saying this for a while, and now that I have a blog, I can force my opinion on the world like everyone else. Yes, Drake sold more. But I’m not talking about sales. Bobby Ray’s album is better, and he’s a better rapper and singer than Drake. Drake just had better marketing behind him, primarily the Lil Wayne connection. But hands down, “Airplanes” (part 1 or 2) is one of the best records of the year, and B.o.B is a much more unique artist.
People are loving Drake, but it’s typical people believing the hype. Now, I don’t think Drake is completely wack, and he does have some good punchlines and some decent tracks, but he is not a great MC. He’s a good MC, just not worthy of all the hype and accolades. Mazel Tov to him on his huge first week sales and it’s continued success, but I’d still rather listen to B.o.B when given the choice.
Your thoughts?
Afterthought – I really want to hate Nicki Minaj, but I can’t. I don’t love her first official single, but her guest appearances and performances definitely make you pay attention.

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2 Responses to B.o.B >>> Drake. Don’t Believe The Hype!

  1. De. says:

    I feel you. I like B.o.B a lot more. However, I saw Drake in concert and was super impressed. I’m anxious to see B.o.B. now on the Midwest leg of his tour. Both are great artists, but B.o.B. will probably outlast Drake.

  2. Mike Boozer says:

    idk Drake is collaborating with everyone so he will have more connections to stay in the public eye. Yet, BOB did work with eminem among other notables as well

    -Mike, somebodyhadtosayit.com

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