Ill Poetic – The World Is Ours (free download)

My boy Ill Poetic back in Cincy has really been making moves lately, and has come along way since we first met 9 or so years ago. He’s toured the world, worked with some of the underground’s best artists, and has been covered by several major sites and blogs – both for his original work and his unique remix projects. He was the runner up in the first Battle 4 Midwest Supremacy in 2001, and then came back to win it all the next year. He’s a super talented MC, producer, writer, and battle rapper. And now, he’s made his production skill available to you all for free.

You can download the instrumentals for his entire The World Is Ours album right here.

And you can find a lot more on Ill Poetic’s official site. Take the time to check him out – it’s well worth your time.

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One Response to Ill Poetic – The World Is Ours (free download)

  1. ill po says:

    Neglecting to mention the best part of the Midwest Battle Story Arc:

    I lost first round the next year to a random kid that wasn’t even in the battle lol.

    Leading to my unsuccessful run of Scribble Jam battles, still sadly being viewed on Youtube til this day:)

    Thanks for the write-up!!

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