His Airness in NBA 2K11

So I don’t think this is much of a secret anymore, but 2K Sports is blessing us by including the G.O.A.T. in their new NBA 2K11 game, out October 5th. That’s right, MJ/Air Jordan/His Airness will be in this year’s NBA video game. And if you’ve seen the screenshots or teaser videos, you know it’ll be crazy. Especially for those of us that remember games like NBA Jam that came out when Jordan was in the league, but they couldn’t license his likeness so he wasn’t in there.

You’ll even be able to go head to head and annihilate LeBron.

I haven’t been much of a video game guy the last few years, mainly cuz I’m growing older, and don’t get much time with my girlfriend as it is, so I doubt she’d appreciate me spending our free time playing Playstation in the guest room. But just like I bought the original Playstation just to play Wu-Tang’s Shaolin Style, this might be the tipping point in me getting a Playstation 3 (doesn’t hurt that the guest room could use a Blu-ray player, too).

Check out the official site (and the numerous video game-dedicated blogs for more screenshots and videos).

NBA 2K11 Official Site

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